Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Eastertime has always been one of my favorite times of year. Spring is in full swing, the birds are singing, and the Easter bunny is in town. As a kid, my parents did a great job making the weekend something really special. In the week before Easter Sunday, we had a lot of fun decorating the eggs that the Easter bunny would hide for us. Then, on the big day, off to church we’d go. My mom was the choir director at church, and so my sisters and I were always attuned to joyful music, especially on Easter. Then, after mass, the egg hunt was a wonderful, competitive thing. Finding that one, big chocolate bunny was always the crowning achievement.

As a mom myself, the fun continued. I’m not sure if I, or my daughters, enjoyed the weekend the most. But the music, games and good food continued, with my husband being a wonderful participant, and also head chef.

So for today, with my own children grown and living far away, it’s my dear Zach who gets the attention. I’m almost tempted to hide treats around the yard for him to find. Not chocolate, which as we all know is not good for dogs, but perhaps some other tasty treat. Hopefully the Easter bunny will be long gone, because that silly doodle would think the bunny IS the treat.


11 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Stephanie says:

    I think I will enjoy your blog…I also have 2 grown kids…but now have 2 doodles to spoil. Our neighborhood has lots of bunnies (and cats and squirrels)…but they give our back yard wide berth…wonder why?

  2. Plods with Beer says:

    Love your experimentation with animation and drawing (cartooning? ). Zach’s as cute as always.

    Yes, I bookmarked this page.

      • PLODS! Thanks for checking the blog out. I appreciate it. Links are a good idea, thanks. I just have to figure out how to get it done now… I think I have to submit something to Sherpa to update that side panel with a link. Hope you are enjoying your day.

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