It’s Friiiiiiday!!

It's Friiiiiiday!!

You may ask yourself why I always seem to publish my Doodle Days comic on a day other than Sunday. Fair point. The reason is that I decided to do a weekly thing, and thought Sunday would be a good day for it. So I make the comics with Sunday’s date. However, I am not always able to physically publish the thing on Sundays. At GoComics I have the freedom to pre-load my work for future dates. Not so with Facebook or blogs. Soooo to make a loooong boring story short, I just publish early with Sunday’s date. Now you knoooow. Heh.

This particular comic I first made back in 2012. My style has changed quite a bit, so here is a new version. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “It’s Friiiiiiday!!

  1. Stephanie says:

    All I know is that I look forward to Sunday’s for my dose of cute doodles…but any day works for me. Keep them coming!

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