Don’t you hate it when that happens? Ha.
It’s so interesting to me that there are large wild flocks of green parrots all over Southern California. When I googled them, I found out that there are a variety of theories on how this has come to be. Escaped pets, escaped pet store birds and migration were a few of the explanations offered. Regardless of how it happened, they are here to stay, I guess.

I took this picture of a parrot sitting in my backyard. He wasn’t friendly to say the least. But he sure was beautiful (if you wear ear plugs).

Happy May, folks!


2 thoughts on “Squawk!

  1. sheila bond says:

    I have decided that a parrot can not sound any worse then a Crow, or a screaming Blue Jay. They can’t be any filthier then a pigeon or a goose. So gather those colorful birds and ship them to New York state. They might not be as squawky freezing their tail feathers off ! 😉

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