How This Week’s Cartoon Was Created


YouTube had an option to remove the Eagles track I used (which I loved) and to add a track of theirs that is allowed. So here is the result…

I will publish the strip tomorrow.

Cycle anyone? Where's my hog? Cup o tea? Hip Hop Dood What a turkey. Totally Rad Dood Let's go pull weeds. TCU had UD hat Look sharp, dood. Wearin da green Keep that sun away.


8 thoughts on “How This Week’s Cartoon Was Created

  1. Plods with Beer says:

    He’s such a good dog! Was the nap for him or you?

    Shawn’s having the left eye operated on today. The pressure on the right eye’s optic nerve has been reduced and the vision is slowly improving. Hopefully, this will rectify the left one and we’ll be done with this and his life will return to “normal”. Well, other than monitoring and testing to try and find out what the hell started this in the first place.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for such a great cartoon…it is so cute…
    Zack is such a good dood! He has really mastered the stay command! My doodles love carrots for treats as well…they go nuts for them. I’m tempted to find some hats and give this a try!

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