Input from the creative team is essential.


4 thoughts on “Co-Creating

    • Plods with Beer says:

      Hey, Patti.
      I do know and I appreciate all of the prayers and good thoughts from everyone.

      It was a week yesterday that Shawn had the optic nerve sheath fenestration done to relieve pressure on the nerve in his left eye. This one isn’t responding as quickly as the right, but his sight has been slowly improving in both.

      So since October, after a total of 6 surgeries, 4 on the brain to install, replace and clean up a shunt to relieve an excess cranial pressure (4 – 5 times ‘normal’), 2 emergency fenestrations and many, many trips to the ER and Dr’s offices, the doctors believe they’ve saved his sight.

      They still don’t know what caused this condition ( pseudotumor cerebri ) as it normally occurs in morbidly obese 30 something females and he only qualifies in the 30 something department. He’s the talk of the neuro-ophthalmology department at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago since they don’t normally have to do fenestrations on patients with working shunts and he doesn’t fit the profile.

      So – having taken up most of your toon space:
      The pressure in the brain / spinal column is reduced.
      It still needs monitoring and regulation via the valve in the shunt

      Both optic nerve sheaths have little slits in them to relieve excess pressure there.

      We have no idea what caused the problem in the first place.
      Probably more testing for that.

      Not sure how much more of his vision will return.
      Won’t know for 6 + months.

      Now we wait and hope for no more surgeries.

      Thank you all for caring

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