And the poster with “Live Large” text…


13 thoughts on “And the poster with “Live Large” text…

  1. I have other versions as well… Some with the Doodle Days setup, some in 12×12 size. Let me know if you are interested in those. At some point my new store should start working.

    Hope all is well with you, Plods. Think of your son every time I’m viewing GoComics.

      • Aw thanks, Plods. I’m glad you liked the shot! Does it look like your friend’s poodle?

        I wonder if the 50% off promotion was a mistake, or worked too well for them, so they removed it. Originally it said ‘today only’. I should have ordered more posters of my different photos, but haven’t uploaded the stuff yet.

        Now I’m thinking of trying a different store, like Or maybe both. Hmm.

    • Yay! I’m so glad, Plods! AND I saw on my Zazzle account that I’ve had for maybe three years now (this store is new, but I have a Doodle Days one) that I have now earned a grand total of $75! Your $1.01 contribution to that has really made us consider retiring. Heeeheeeeheeee! Of course, at least half of that is from my own purchases.

      Seriously, I thank you, and I’m glad you like the poster.

  2. Plods with Beer says:

    5% return is better than the banks give you. Glad I could help. Have one of those little umbrellas on me.
    You’ll have to cover the drink yourself of course, but it’s a thought.

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