Zach feels an eyeroll coming…

Doodle Days 3-5-15 cute kitty video


10 thoughts on “Zach feels an eyeroll coming…

  1. fefsofdl says:

    You know you are much cuter, Zach!
    My doodles know that the only thing cats are good for are to chase up trees.
    For another cute doodle video…check this one…

  2. Dry and Dusty says:

    Still reading Patti, just not commenting too much! Way behind in my gocomics queue too! Miss you there! Hope you come back soon!

      • Do you miss work, Plods? When Ken retires, he’s going to have to really pursue his hobbies, because he gets bored really fast hanging around the house. He loves cooking, so I’m going to have to learn to control my portions muuuuch better than I do now.

        • Plods with Beer says:

          Not really. I retired ‘early’ because I couldn’t continue in good conscience.

          Long story, but I have a few things to keep me from getting bored and I’m easily amused.

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