This Is A Test

So I did a lot of selling of my photos this summer in Oregon.  Did a couple of gigs selling from my 10×10 canopy.  Happily, I did pretty well, and learned a lot.  I found out that people not wanting to spend money on prints did want cards.  So I’ve been busy making some.

I want to make some Doodle Days cards, too, but am starting with the photos.  I’m using my blog as a test to see how this link works.  Ha.  Do you feel like guinea pigs?  🙂

Click Here for my Zazzle Store

Now I just need to figure out which images I want to make into cards.  I have so many, and actually need to update what I have in my Square store…. which you can see here:

My Square Storefront


7 thoughts on “This Is A Test

  1. Roni says:

    It works great! I can’t wait to see more choices for greeting cards! Especially ones with doodles! I love “Live Large!”

  2. Plods with Beer says:

    I think the incoming Rockaway Beach Train and the Lytle Lake Train would probably work well for postcards for train enthusiasts. If you have more featuring engines, they may do well.
    You already know how I feel about Live Large since I have 2 of them. Post cards are the forerunners of memes, so Doodle Days post cards may have a pretty good shot.

  3. says:

    Patti, you took all scenery photos? Very nice!   June Morningstar aka Dry and Dusty Burnham PA

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