Playing Catch-Up

Doodle Days 1-28-16 donutDoodle Days 1-29-16 scaleDoodle Days 2-2-16 little free library


4 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up

  1. fefsofdl says:

    #1…had a good chuckle…great self-restraint, Zach! My doodle boy would have had his head resting right on the desk…and every once in a while would give a nice, audible swallowing sound…just so you don’t forget he’s there (unfortunately he never get anything because of allergies). My doodle girl would be at the other side and occasionally giving a solid nudge to the elbow with her nose…a typo for sure!

    #2…hey…my doodle boy is 80 lbs too! you aren’t insinuating he’s fat are you…hehe

    #3…I love that Read Box! so colorful! Is it part of the community library system? If Clifford is checked out…there’s always Go Dog Go

    • Thanks for your comments, fefsofdl. I exaggerated Zach’s weight a bit for humor’s sake. 🙂 He likes to think he is bigger and more macho than he is, so please don’t tell him he’s really only about 70 pounds at most. Ha.

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