Parkour Doodle

Doodle Days 4-26-17 Parkour


13 thoughts on “Parkour Doodle

  1. fefsofdl says:

    Those are some great action photos going over that wall! Plus begging on the ledge like that is really quite an accomplishment. I am really impressed! My doodle boy can actually hold a begging position (but not on a wall). We taught him from a puppy. My sweet doodle girl is a rescue and knew nothing when e got her. She has tried to beg but has no balance at all. She rears back then topples over.

  2. Dry and Dusty says:

    Well cripes! This is the first Doodle I have received in my email this month! I thought maybe Patti, you weren’t updating it and then I went back and saw how many weren’t in my email box. Oh well, I’m caught up now! πŸ™‚

        • June/Dry and Dusty says:

          PLODS, for this 63 year old not as “Tech Savvy” as you, what did you just say? “Jonesing” “shutterfly”? (Scratching head in bewilderment! πŸ˜€

          • Plods with Beer says:

            Jonesing from the urban dictionary: to have a strong need, desire, or craving for something.
            “Basketball Jones” was a song from the 70’s by Cheech and Chong that was resurrected and done by Barry White and Chris Rock for the movie “Space Jam”.

            Shutterfly is where you post Patti Barry Images.

            SNERKS. Sorry

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