Texas Visiting

Doodle Days 5-4-17 Texas


11 thoughts on “Texas Visiting

    • My feelings exactly. I don’t care for 12 inch long centipedes, either. Yesterday I saw a tiny Texas blindsnake wriggling up to me. At first I thought it was a weird earthworm, but nooo. I looked it up, and apparently they eat insects, so is a good garden friend. Shiver shiver.

    • He is, kinda. My daughter has a pit mix that Zach doesn’t like, so we keep them separated. She also has a high energy Border Collie, and Z thinks she is ok because she listens to him. She also has a brand new BC puppy, who is adorable. But Z thinks he is an annoyance and has told him thusly.

  1. June/ Dry and Dusty says:

    What, Zach? You mean Mom won’t carry you out to the lake and put you in the water so you don’t have to walk through all that? Shame on you, Patti! Shame, shame!

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